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Website Designing Course Training

A successful site begins by carefully planning a rewarding user experience. At Deep Infotech you learn how to deliver the following :

  • Design of the user Interface.
  • Site Layout design.
  • Site Re-design.
  • Navigation menus.
  • HTML integration with backend technologies.

Html Programming

  • Fundamental Elements
  • Structure of an HTML document
  • Basic tags and Attributes
  • Body Attributes
  • Text attributes
  • Marquee tag & its attributes
  • Headings, Font
  • Paragraph, Line Break
  • Ordered and Unordered Lists
  • Blockquote, HyperLinks, Sound
  • Images, Image formats & attributes
  • Alignment of images & Mapping
  • Tables : Creating a Table
  • Combine cells in a row or column
  • Cells: Spanning, Padding.
  • Forms: Create List Box, Radio Buttons

JQuery Syllabus

  • Understanding jQuery plugins
  • Using event ready handlers that work across browsers
  • Working with jQuery effects,such as showing,hiding,and fading pageelements!
  • Creating custom animations with specialized properties and options
  • Using the jQuery UI plug in to give pages a polished look

LIVE PROJECT WORK : At the end of the course a Live project has to be done for the successful completion of the course.

Duration of Course: 2 months

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