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PHP-MySQL Training

Php (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a server side scripting and open source language which is inherited from c language and majorly used in web development. At Deep Infotech a premiere institute for learning php/mysql in Lucknow, a student would start with basic concept of html,css and Javascript. Afterwards concept of core php would started with the basic fundamental of programming i.e looping, arrays, functions etc.

Student would also get the knowledge of database i.e MySQL which would handle database connectivity using php concepts .At Deep Infotech a student would be undergoing a live training project using php and mysql under the guidance of a experience developer.

Course Content

  • Overview of Web Technology
  • HTML
    • Basic HTML tags,Table & Forms
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)
    • Three Types Of CSS (Inline, Internal And External).
    • Basic CSS Properties.
    • Tag Selector, Id Selector And Class Selector.
    • Groping And Nesting Of Selectors.
  • PHP (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) or Personal Home Page
    • How To Display Output
    • Datatypes And Variable Declaration
    • Operators and types of operator
    • Conditional Constructs (If, Else, Switch Etc....)
    • Looping Constructs (For, While, Do-While Etc...)
    • Arrays And Foreach Loop
    • String   Datatime Functions
    • Code Reuse (Include & Require Statements)
    • Functions
    • OOPS in PHP
    • Exception Handling
    • Overview of MYSQL
    • SQL Queries
      • Introduction to MySQL
      • Advantages /Features of MySQL
      • Queries using MySQL performing create ,select ,update, delete etc
      • Design View in MySQL
      • Various Constraints in MySQL ( Primary Key, Unique Key, Foreign Key, NULL/Not Null Constraint)
      • Various Function in MySQL
      • Export/Import Data using MySQL
    • Database Programming using PHP/MYSQL
    • Insertion of records using MYSQL
    • Admin Login Form using sessions.
    • Select records using MYSQL
    • EDIT/Delete records using MYSQL
    • Search Records with respect to various criteria like ID , Name , Date Wise etc
    • Use of Session   cookies

MINI Project : Project would be allotted to a student which has to be submitted with project documentations and reports. Viva would be conducted for the project for successfully completion of the course.

Duration of Course: 2 months

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